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  • Chappell Wilson

Washington is on the clock

The first round of this year’s NFL Draft is quarterback-heavy, just like the majority of the previous years. While this year’s number one pick is pretty much guaranteed to be Caleb Williams out of USC, things start to get interesting with the second pick.

. Washington is in arguably the best position from a front office standpoint because they don’t have the pressure to win right away as they are now entering their first season under new ownership, which creates a ton of comfort and job security. The first-year general manager, Adam Peters, should have the freedom to consult with the rest of the organization and simply choose the guy he feels is best suited for the team. The front office has already shown their ability to make the transition from the old bad habits of the past regime to a new and improved approach to the offseason and how they manage their money while still making a ton of moves that’ll vastly improve the franchise.

Washington went out this offseason and honestly made great strides with the roster changes that now give them a roster that can potentially win now. The offseason improvements simply make this approaching draft pick even more crucial, and many believe that they’re leaning towards LSU’s Jayden Daniels, who just recently won the Heisman Trophy. Jayden possesses a strong arm with accuracy and a rare speed for the quarterback position, but there are some people who feel that Washington would be better off with North Carolina’s Drake Maye. Drake is looked at as the superior passer, and he has the bigger build of the two quarterbacks. Both of these guys showed the qualities that most teams look for in a quarterback, but UNC quarterbacks haven’t faired well in the NFL so far, as Washington just traded former fourth-round pick Sam Howell, who was a UNC standout quarterback. Either way, Washington knows that this pick is very important for them, and who knows, maybe one day we will look back and say that they made an awesome pick, but we’ll see what the future holds for the commanders.

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