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Celtics smothered Kevin Durant's offense in the fourth in Game 2 victory over the Nets 114-107

Boston- The Celtics overcame a double digit deficit to take a two game lead in the series against the Brooklyn Nets.

After being down 11 midway in the fourth quarter, the Celtics went into super saiyan mode on both sides of the floor and shocked the Nets, who was completely in control almost the entire game. Jayson Tatum, Al Horford, and Marcus Smart overwhelmed Durant each time he got the ball. Boston either blitz Durant and made him speed up his offense or either forced him to turn the ball over. Either way, Boston's game plan worked

Durant got frustrated and had four crucial turnovers, which turned into points for Boston. Tatum went to work, scoring at will and hit some big shots down the stretch to push their lead to nine with under two minutes left in regulation. Smart put the finishing touches on the game with a very tough shot that was banked in with three defenders around him

The Celtics take a 2-0 lead in the series and head to Brooklyn for a match up Saturday.

JT finished with 19 points

Jalen Brown had 22 points

Durant finished with 27 points, but went 0-10 in FG in the second half and had 4 turnovers

Irving had a very quiet night with 10 points and 1 assist.

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