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Boston springs back to life after getting a second victory in the series against Miami 110-97

The Celtics have life and have made this series against the Heat very interesting. After being down 3-0 in the series, the Celtics have won two consecutive games to put pressure on Miami.

Last night, the C's were hitting everything and their stars came out to play. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum combined for 42 points, while Derrick White contributed to 24 points. Boston actually put the clamps on Jimmy Butler, by putting a taller defender on him, which was pretty effective. Butler had a total of 14 points.

Boston only turned the ball over nine times and forced Miami to turn the ball over 16 times. Boston. After a dominating win, Tatum had to say this about the Celtic's fighting adversity. "We got a really connected group...determined, tough guys."

While Boston felt the tension loosen a bit, Butler let it be known that the Heat will be victorious in Game 6. He guaranteed a victory on their home court for Game 6.

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