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  • Samuel Rodriguez

Boston selected a guard in the 2021 NBA Draft

BOSTON- The Boston Celtics had only one draft pick this year and they used it to select a guard.

Using the 45th overall pick to select a guard, Juhann Begarin. Begarin is a bigger guard standing at 6’5. He averaged 11.9 points, and 3.1 assists last year in Paris.

This young player is considered a “raw prospect”. This means that he has a lot to develop, yet he has a high ceiling. The NBA has always been scared to draft overseas players as we have seen with plenty of big names. These players for the most part always turn out to be solid if not great players.

This pick by the Celtics was a good one based on who was left, and what fit their needs. With Marcus Smart in trade talks, drafting a big guard was a great choice. According to film and scouts, Begarin has all the tools he needs to become a great defender. With a seven foot wingspan, it makes it easy for him to crash the paint to get easy iso buckets.

Being along side Jayson Tatum and Jalen Brown, Begarin will be learning from some of the best.

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