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Arnold Schwarzenegger honored with Inaugural ‘Award of Courage’ At Beverly Hills Hotel Gala

On Monday, actor and advocate Arnold Schwarzenegger was recognized and honored at the 15th annual gala event that the Holocaust Museum put together.

Outside of being an actor and governor, Schwarzenegger has always spoken up about treating people with respect and dignity on social media, as well as in everyday life. Schwarzenegger was awarded the Award of Courage for speaking up about antisemitism and using his platform to bring awareness to the issue. After he received the award, Schwarzenegger had this to say.

“I’ve received many awards involving muscles, but tonight was about recognizing heart. Education to fight antisemitism has been something I’ve cared about since I was a young man. Love must always prevail over hatred.”

The gala raised 1.2 million to support Holocaust Museum LA’s work to teach future generations about the critical lessons and continued social relevance of the Holocaust, empowering them to stand up against hatred, bigotry and antisemitism.

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