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Yankees lose Zach Britton for the season

New York-Zach Britton is being placed on the IR list for the remainder of the season after saying he may go back to the doctor to get bone chips removed from his elbow.

Hearing the news that Britton was going to be out of the line-up for the rest of the year, his teammates wished him the best and wanted him to fully recover. Britton has had one heck of an emotional roller coaster year with staying healthy and being productive on the mound.

Britton had a career worst of 5.89 era, played in 18 games, and had 1.69 WHIP. It just was not Britton's year and after he is 100% healthy he has to go back to the chalkboard and figure out how to be the the guy that everyone feared.

“I’ve talked with [general manager Brian Cashman] about what’s the best thing for me to be the best version of myself for this team next year,’’ Britton said. “I just don’t think this year is gonna be in play anymore, unfortunately, but that won’t be clear ’til I speak with all the doctors.”

Even though the Yankees will miss Britton, the Yankees are seven games back from first place in the AL East. New York put themselves in good position for a potential deep playoff run.

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