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Urban Meyer has one phrase that he uses to motivate the jags and that is OWN IT

Jacksonville, FL- Urban Meyer has one catchy phrase that he uses to inspire his players, as well as himself and that is the phrase "OWN It."

Meyer wants his players to take pride with playing for the Jaguars and not think that they can slack off. Last season,the Jags were not discipline and it showed on and off the field. Meyer wants to change the dynamic of the culture in the organization and wants his players to buy into having pride.

On Friday, during a media presser, Meyer discussed the difference between using "own it" as an inspirational and a motivational tool. “I think there’s a great difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation is unsustainable, not for long. Inspiration is [for long] and there’s two elements of inspiration, that’s love and ownership. When people own things, my experiences are, you’re really good. It means it’s yours. We want people, including everybody that steps foot in this facility that works here, they need to own this," said Meyer.

They need to own that Jaguar emblem. If they don’t, they need to leave. It’s the same approach we’re going to take with our players. This is not a one stop where we’re going to rent the place for a few months and move on. That doesn’t go well. So, the sense of ownership is I expect Travis Etienne. I expect Trevor Lawrence to own the Jaguars. What’s that mean? It’s theirs, take great pride in what this organization will stand for as we move forward. So that’s what it means. That’s from our video staff to coaching staff to players, everyone has to own this, and great things happen when people own things.”

The Jags owned the NFL Draft with picking up some key pieces that they need to move forward in their quest with making an improvement from last season's one win to potentially earning a playoff berth. Jacksonville has shown that they are all in very early and it will be interesting to see how that trickles down on the field.

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