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U.S. Track and Field team cancels its Olympic camp, due to the rise in increased COVID cases

Tokyo- In the latest news of the upcoming Olympics, the United States Track and Field team has decided to cancel their Olympic camp, due to the rise of COVID cases in Japan.

The panic and uncertainty is peaking with the Olympics only three months away. A lot of people, as well as sponsors are worried about the rise in COVID cases and has stated that the Olympics should be postponed.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Track and Field team decided enough was enough and canceled their Olympic camp. The coaches felt like it was unsafe for their athletes and did what was best for their athletes and their health.

"It is a shame they have decided to cancel, but I believe they made the best decision possible in the current situation," Chiba governor Toshihito Kumagai said in the statement.

Despite a lot of criticism around the globe with having the Olympics, the IOC has continued to stay on its course with having the Olympics in July.

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