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Turnovers hurt the 49ers in loss to Ravens 33-19

The marketing of the NFL was genius when they added a potential Super Bowl match-up between the 49ers and the Ravens during Christmas Day. Baltimore and the 9ers had so much on the line as they both were battling to keep their number one seed in the race to the playoffs with only two regular season games left. Without further ado, let's take you inside the game.

The first five minutes of the game was a little uncanny for both teams. You had Brock Purdy throwing an interception in the endzone and Lamar Jackson tripping over a ref in the endzone on their second possession, as the 49ers earned a safety for their efforts. One of the key playmakers who made his name known in the first half was George Kittle. Kittle was taking advantage of his matchups and had 91 yards at the end of break. Despite Purdy throwing three interceptions, San Francisco's defense forced the Ravens to attempt field goals and was only down 16-12 at the half.

One of the things that the 9ers wanted to do in the second half was limit Jackson from extending plays and on the offensive side of the ball to not turn the ball over. Things went downhill for the 9ers. Right out the gate, Baltimore scored on their opening drive and Purdy threw his fourth INT, which turned into a Ravens' TD. For the first time this season, the 49ers had to dig themselves out of a 18-point lead.

Purdy and crew tried to do all that they could do, but the Ravens' defense took over and put the game on ice. Purdy finished 18 out of 33 for 255 yards, and 4 picks


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