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Trevor Lawrence is pumped up for Jags Rookie Mini Camp

Jacksonville, FL- Newly drafted Jags' QB Trevor Lawrence was very excited to get back on the field during the first couple of days of Rookie Mini Camp.

After the excitement of getting drafted to the Jaguars' organization in April and resting his shoulder for a bit, Lawrence was excited to be throwing some passes to his wide receivers this past weekend.

Lawrence looked very poised with delivering strikes to his wide receivers and looked like he was enjoying the moment. After the first day of Rookie Mini Camp, Lawrence joined members of the media and discussed how he felt about his health and the ability to get more reps in.

"I had a good day with all the rookies and just getting out there, putting things together physically. You know, we’ve been working the past few days, mentally, and just getting ready. All of the guys kind of you know, we’re going on install, so we’re kind of thinking a lot. But it feels really good to get out there and get some reps all together, said Lawrence.'

"I know the guys are excited about that. We’ve had two good days, I mean, there’s only so much you can do with only 15 guys or so, but I think we’ve made the most of it. Everyone has the right mentality and it’s been a very productive two days. I know for me, I feel like I’m in a way better spot than I was before that first practice. So, I feel like I’m getting ready and I’m just really excited not only for tomorrow, but then to get all the vets in here and just get to know them and get to work with them.”

Before Lawrence was drafted, he had surgery on his shoulder and has been treading lightly with not throwing a football too much. Lawrence has stated that he will be ready to go during the full session of training camp and he will be 100%.

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