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Todd Bowles picked apart the Chiefs potent offense and made history in the Super Bowl

Tampa- Todd Bowles, who is the defensive coordinator for the Bucs did not allow the Kansas City Chiefs to score a touchdown in Super Bowl 55.

There will be a lot of credit that will go to Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Ronald Jones III, and Bruce Arians for how they handled the Chiefs' secondary, but credit has to be given to how Bowles stopped an offense that was supposed to give the Bucs trouble.

Tampa stopped Tyreek Hill, who did not have many big plays down the field. Hill finished the game with 7 catches for 73 yards. Sammy Watkins had only one catch for 13 yards and Patrick Mahomes was running for his life the entire time. The Chiefs did not know what had hit them and they were all left shocked at how the Bucs' dismantled them. Mahomes threw for 270 yards and 2 interceptions.

Bowles and his team knocked off, Mahomes and the Chiefs in an uncanny way and for the first time in Mahomes career, a team has defeated him in double digits. Bowles has shown time in and time out that the Bucs' defense was going to be the key factor with them winning the Super Bowl and it has happened. Put some respect on the Bucs' defense.

The Bucs have made history with inclusion and diversity and now they are the first and only team to win a Super Bowl that was hosted in their own house. In a league where few African Americans are given chances to become a head coach, Bowles, and Bryon Leftwich showcased their talents on the biggest stage.

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