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Tim Brown brings awareness to Child Exploitation during Super Bowl week

NFL legend Tim Brown has always used his voice as well as his platform to bring awareness to different issues around the world. This year is no different. During Super Bowl week, Brown and his wife philanthropist Sherice Brown, will be hosting an unforgettable golfing event that brings together sports legends, community luminaries, and philanthropic powerhouses for a dynamic cause.

The Brown family has teamed up with the Malouf Foundation, and the Elizabeth Smart Foundation to bring awareness to child sexual exploitation.. Brown had this to say about the upcoming event. "This golf invitational isn't just about hitting the greens. It's a swing for the fences in our commitment to protect children from harm. Together with the unified Malouf Foundation and Elizabeth Smart Foundation, we aim to create lasting change, making this world safer for our children.

The event will take place Thursday, Feb. 8th 10 am-1 pm at the Top Golf Vegas at the MGM.

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