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The start of the uncanny 2020 Olympics was filled with an echo of silence

Tokyo- Bright and early, the Olympic ceremony was held without the large and cheering crowds of fans.

Despite the many alarming concerns that the IOC had to endure for the last six months with the global pandemic, the Olympic Games finally opened with their ceremony. The ceremony was very different compared to the normality of what people usually see, as far as the Olympics are concerned. There were no loud cheering fans, no roaring applauding or loud chanting. It was just an echo silence of the unknown.

Japan opened the ceremony with a Broadway type of feel. The graphics and representatives of athletes from their respective counties told a story of what they had to endure for the last year. From being alone to training. Each of these storylines connected to everyone around the globe. Different countries honored and recognized the people who have passed away from the virus.

Team USA selected Sue Bird and Eddy Alvarez to be the flag bearers for the country. Prior to walking out and holding the flag, both Bird and Alvarez said that they felt very honored to be flag bearers. Wearing their face coverings and social distancing, Bird and Alvarez walked with the flag, taking in the entire experience.

As the flag bearers from different counties filled in the stadium,the message was very clear, unity. Despite where these athletes came from, the support for each country was very evident.

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