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  • Brandon Harley


After spending two decades coaching in the NBA, Doc Rivers returns to ESPN broadcasting tonight along with Doris Burke and Mike Breen. Throughout the course of the season, he will analyze and commentate on select games. Rivers has a wealth of knowledge and experience that makes him an invaluable asset to ESPN's NBA coverage.

With River, he was one of the most respected coaches in the league and will bring valuable insights to the broadcast. This trio will be very successful together, especially as they continue to work together and build chemistry with each other The trio will also provide a unique perspective on each game, as all three have vastly different backgrounds and experiences. Rivers' coaching mindset of the game will be an excellent asset to the broadcast. Burke is smart and well prepared. She is a former college point guard with insight into how the game unfolds on the court. Mike Breen is a veteran analyst with a deep understanding of the game.

I believe Breen is a very underrated announcer Breen's play-by-play commentary is always spot on and he provides excellent analysis. The best announcer in sports is Breen, so sit back and wait for his signature BANG!!!!! Overall, I feel you couldn't get a better trio with the overall knowledge of the game and entertaining the play by play and all three have an excellent sense of humor. I like Rosalyn Gold being on the sideline commentating as well. She is an exciting breath of fresh air into the broadcast, injecting creative and fresh energy.

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