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  • Eric Martinez

The Memorable MLB season of Miracles and Records Being Broken

Rarely do we have an MLB season that fans of opposing teams tune in to watch every at bat and every attempt for a record to be broken or an achievement to be reached. The 2022 MLB season was more than likely the farewell tour to Albert Pujols. Pujols returned to the St. Louis Cardinals was the best way to thank the city and community that supported him for several years during his time in STL. In only Pujols fashion, Albert was able to give his fan base in St. Louis a lasting memory with his last season playing professional baseball when he joined a very rare club in hitting his 700th homerun. One of the most liked guys in the majors, Pujols now leads St. Louis into a wild-card game for the postseason where a veteran voice in the clubhouse will be a huge advantage going forward. One of the only players in history of the MLB to joining the 700-homerun club and already be in the 3,000 hits club as well.

When the word baseball icons are used, experts and the occasional fan can both agree that names like Pete Rose and Ty Cobb are household figures that are a legacy in the sport of baseball. There have only been two players in the history of the MLB to be in the exclusive 4,000 career hit club. There is one active player that is chasing that record. This season, Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers plateau to the 3,000 hits club; Joining a historic list of legendary players such as, Hank Aaron, Derek Jeter, Willie Mays, Cal Ripken Jr., Tony Gwynn, Ichiro Suzuki, and several more, Miguel Cabrera not only cements himself on that list, but he is now number 24 on that list and climbing. It has been confirmed that Cabrera would like to play out his contract with the Tigers that includes 2023 with a possibility of reaching the top 20 of the 3000+ hits list passing Ichiro, Alex Rodriguez, and possibly George Brett. The 3000 hits list is a benchmark of true greatness that few will ever achieve. Every player that reaches the 3,000 hits club has hall of fame skills with a baseball bat, and every one of them should be on a plaque in Cooperstown.

Then there is the 2022 homerun king. Aaron Judge broke the American League record for most home runs in a season. New York Yankees star Aaron Judge blanked the Texas Rangers as the leadoff hitter in the top of the first inning on Tuesday night. The buzz in the away stadium was electric. Judge belting an 88-mph slider to left field sent a shockwave throughout the stadium that opposing fans had no choice but to stand and cheer as they were all apart of history. Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run of the season breaks Roger Maris’ American League record.

Understanding the significance of the moment has not sunk in for Judge, but he did mention “Getting a chance to have your name next to someone as great as Roger Maris and Babe Ruth and those guys is incredible. It will probably be after this season until I’ll truly be able to soak this in and appreciate the significance of this achievement

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