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The Eagles are going back to the Super Bowl

After the AJ Brown trade in the offseason, the Eagles were one of the favorites to win it all, if Jalen Hurts could improve and not turn the ball over. Hurts proved that he wanted to be taken seriously and it has shown on and off the field. He has 22 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions this season and his teammates love him. Hurts and crew knew that this game against the 49ers was going to be a defensive type of game.

The 9ers came into the game with the top ranked defense in the league and a young rookie, who has kept this "Ring around the Rosie" season of injuries together. Brock Purdy was thrown to the wolves after Trey Lance and Jimmy G suffered season ending injuries. Purdy responded to the pressure and now he is actually in discussion with being that QB that San Francisco needs, moving forward. He is very smart with checking the ball to the flat when nothing is in the middle of the field, or his x-factor are covered. Purdy has an arm but can use his legs as well, which has helped him a lot in his young career.

Coming into this NFC Championship game, Philadelphia were the favorite to defeat the 49ers. The Eagles started their first drive on a gutsy call. Nick Sirianni decided to go for it on a fourth and third at their 50-yard line. Jalen Hurts threw a 20-yard circus catch to DeVonta Smith to convert the down and two plays later, Philadelphia scored their first touchdown of the day. Things took a turn for the worst for the 49ers, Purdy suffered an elbow injury after being sacked early in the first quarter. Josh Johnson took over and Philadelphia's defense went after him. The Eagles' game plan was to make Johnson uncomfortable, but the 49ers kept the ball on the ground and eventually it panned out. San Francisco tied the game up with a Christian McCaffrey 20-yard touchdown run mid-way in the second quarter. Philadelphia added a Miles Sanders 15-yard touchdown and a fumble that turned into another touchdown to walk into the locker room with a 21-7 lead.

Philadelphia's defense took Johnson out of the game as well early in the second half. On a third and long, the Eagles' defense sacked Johnson. Johnson apparently hit his head on the ground and was forced to leave the game with a concussion. The 9ers only option was to bring Purdy back in and see what they could do. It wasn't much. Philadelphia put the game on ice as they scored a late touchdown in the third to go up 28-7. The Eagles went on to win the game 31-7

Hurts finished with 121 yards through the air and 39 yards on the ground

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