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The Dodgers Came Out Swinging Against the D-Backs in Exhibition play (9-2)

Los Angles- The Dodgers did not show any mercy to the Arizona Diamondbacks in exhibition play, as they dominated 9-2.

Despite the eerie stadium without fans, loud noise, and some type of distraction, the Dodgers still showcased their talents on the big stage. Cody Bellinger was a huge factor in getting this victory for the Dodgers. In the first inning, Bellinger hit a grand slam to open things up for his teammates, and by the time he was finished, he had a pair of single hits and five RBIs.

"We felt really good as a team,” said Bellinger. “Obviously, we’re a deep lineup. I think the only thing we’ve got to work on is our end-of-the-game celebrations. We don’t know what to do.”

“That was probably the most awkward thing,” agreed manager Dave Roberts. “I expect a lot of winning, so I guess we better figure that one out.”

The Dodgers are working out a lot of kinks, as well as some of the batting issues that the bullpen has had last season. If the Dodgers can maintain a decent rotation, stay healthy, and play as they did against the D-Backs, they could be the team to beat in their division. Kenly Jansen looked somewhat back to normal. After returning back to the team from recovering from COVID-19, Jansen looked like he was coming into his own. He threw the ball around 90 MPH and closed the game out.

The Dodgers will be facing the San Francisco Giants opening day and they are gaining confidence as Opening Day gets closer.

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