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The Diamondbacks select 10 players in the 2021 MLB Draft

Arizona- The Diamondbacks went all in and selected 10 players they felt like could help this team next year.

With having one of their worst records to date (22-66), the Arizona Diamondbacks decided to go after some very good players in the draft to help out their club. On Day 2 of the Draft, Arizona selected (SS) Ryan Bliss, (C)Adrian Del Castillo, (RHP)Jacob Steinmetz, (RHP) Chad Patrick, (C) Caleb Roberts, (RHP) Luke Albright, (RHP) Scott Randall, (3B) Gavin Conticello, (LHP) Jake Rice, and finished the night off with (LHP) Hugh Fisher.

Each of these players bring something to the table that Arizona desperately needs. A lot of fans are very excited for what the future could possibly hold if each of these players get into the rotation and make an immediate impact. The future is very bright for Arizona.

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