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  • Anthony Morrow

The coming of a Storm between Crawford and Spence Jr.

What once seemed to be a dream fight scenario, one of many hypothetical discussions boxing junkies talk about in barbershops, social gatherings, and social media platforms, may soon be a reality as we are moments away from signatures and an announcement to be made for a super fight between WBO welterweight champion Terrence "Bud" Crawford and WBC, WBA, and IBF welterweight champion Errol "The Truth" Spence. Boxing fans of all levels, from your casual fight night guest to your degenerately loyal fans like myself that have put up with the circus we call professional boxing, may get an early Christmas gift this year.

If you’re intrigued to know how this all came to be, just follow the white rabbit with the clock, or I can try to make this all make sense to you as best I can. I’m sure this story goes back further than where I'm currently beginning, but I have to accommodate the A.D.D. community, and let’s be real, it's 2022. I just need to bring the population that lives under a rock up to speed. Does the date 5/27/2017 ring a bell? Errol Spence finally gets the title shot he earned in his bout for the IBF welterweight championship vs. Kell Brooks. Spence had been calling out top competition for some time, but was unfortunately classified as high-risk, low reward boxer. "The Truth" was victorious and left the UK with a KO win to capture the IBF Welterweight Championship. After cleaning out the 140-pound division in the same year, Bob Arum revealed Terrence Crawford was having difficulty making weight even with a nutritionist managing his meals. Crawford being the professional he is, made weight for what would be his final fight at 140 pounds with a dominant KO win over Julius Indogo via a left hook to the body. That night, the boxing world had to address Mr. Crawford as something that had not been accomplished since 2006 and that was Crawford being the undisputed champion. When the rumor was confirmed and made public that Crawford would indeed move up to the 147-pound welterweight division, the dialogue about a Crawford-Spence fight developed more realistic ground to stand on. In 2018, the welterweight division was full of talent and widely regarded as boxing's best division, with Crawford making his welterweight debut against then-WBO champion Jeff Horn just 10 days before Spence defends his title against Carlos Ocampo. Both Crawford and Spence earned a win via KO, and the collision course set for a Spence vs. Crawford matchup was, in my opinion, officially in place. "When I stop him, they gone say he was too small," Spence predicts, Crawford responded saying “when I stop him, they gone say he was too weak and stayed at 147 too long," Spence and Crawford put their full confidence on display as the two fighters debated how a fight between them would play out. The two were attending the Maurice Hooker vs. Alex Saucedo fight in Oklahoma City at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. Hooker, a mutual friend of both fighters, indirectly kicked off the unofficial fight tour that has now lasted 4 years and counting. Yes, the fight seems more inevitable than ever, but like I said in the beginning, boxing can be a circus and proceeding with caution is something I advise.

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Camille Yancey
Camille Yancey
Sep 24, 2022

Great article!

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