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Tampa Bay escapes Washington's trap game and defeats them 31-23

Tampa Bay- The Bucs defeats the Washington Football 31-23.

Coming into the game against the Washington Football Team, the Bucs were the favorite to win the game, as well as the favorite to win the NFC.

Early in the first half, the Bucs struggled to punch the ball in the endzone. They had to settle for three field goals in the first quarter. After holding a 9-0 lead early in the second, the lead started to disappear after the Football Team finished a long drive with a touchdown to cut the to two, 9-7.

Tampa finally hit the scoreboard with a touchdown, as Tom Brady threw 27-yard touchdown strike to Chris Godwin. The Bucs went for two, but did not convert the down to make it a 15-7 game. The Bucs tacked on a field goal late in the second to walk into the locker room with a 18-7 lead.

At the start of the second half, the Bucs defense stopped Washington in the redzone and made them settle for a field goal. The field goal was successful, which made it an eight point game, 18-10. After Ke'shawn Vaughn fumbled the ball, Washington went down the field and scored a touchdown to make the game very intriguing with four minutes left in the third. Washington went for two to tie up the game, but failed on the conversion to cut Tampa's lead to two, 18-16.

After a couple dropped balls from different wide receivers from the Bucs, they finally put together a productive drive that ended with them tacking on their fourth field goal of the night to extend their lead, 21-16.

Tampa thought they potentially iced the game with a one-yard touchdown run by Leonard Fournette with 10 minutes left in regulation to make it a 28-16 game. Washington went right down the field and scored another touchdown with five minutes left to cut the lead back to five, 28-23. Tampa tacked on another field goal to extend their lead 31-23.

Tampa's defense came up big in the last two minutes of regulation, as they stopped Washington for a game tying drive on a fourth and forever, to escape with a victory.

Brady finished with 381 yards with 2 touchdowns.

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