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Surging Covid-19 cases stops IOC President from visiting Tokyo

Tokyo- International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach had to halt his trip to Tokyo, because Covid-19 cases were increasing.

As of right now, certain cities in Japan are getting hit with an increased rise of Covid-19 cases. Certain cities have requested to be on a State of Emergency and enforce stricter restrictions to stop the spread.

On Monday, Bach was supposed to meet up with the Olympic Torch Relay committee, as well as Tokyo, but had to cancel due to a rise in cases. In the eyes of the committee it was pretty embarrassing that their president had to cancel a flight, after trying to maintain a sigh of hope of moving forward with the Olympics.

There have been many individuals against having the Olympics during the global pandemic. This past weekend, there was an online petition calling for the games to be canceled, which gained 300,000 signatures. The IOC has been very consistent with saying the Olympic games will go on, but now a lot of doubt has clouded Japan. There is only two months left before the games start and a lot of decisions up in the air.

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