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Kevin Durant went into metahuman mode to capture Gold for the USA Mens' Basketball team

Tokyo- Team USA silence critics winning Gold over France, 87-82.

The USA Men's basketball team proved a lot of people wrong and made their goal happen with getting a spot to play in the Olympic basketball finale. Team USA was within sight of regaining Gold but they had to get through France first. Once again, Team USA started the game very slow. Instead of using their speed to create shots for themselves, they settled for three point shots, which was not going in. They went 3 of 9 from long range in the quarter. Despite their slow start, Kevin Durant and others started to attack France's zone, which led to high quality shots. Team USA went on to finish the first on a 16- 4 run.

Team USA stiffened up their defense in the second and forced four turnovers in the quarter. The key factors with Team USA extending their lead to five at the half was Durant going off and the spacing of Team USA. Durant got into a his bag and went into metahuman mode. He was scoring at will and making it look easy. Durant had 21 points at the end of the half.

Things got a little testy for Team USA in the second half. Rudy Gobert was putting a lot of Team USA's players in foul trouble when they were guarding him, because Team USA played very small in the paint. Gobert took advantage of it and punished the smaller defenders. Even though Team USA had a decent lead, France kept fighting back to keep within striking distance. Team USA kicked it up a notch late in the third. They went on a 12-2 run within a blink of an eye to break the game wide open. However, France kept hitting shots and cut Team USA's lead to eight at the end of the third.

With under seven minutes left in regulation, Team USA had a few mistakes that cost them points. France was hanging in tough with them and cut Team USA's lead to six. Team USA fought off a late comeback by France to pull out the win and claim Gold.


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