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Slow but steady pace for the Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers were one of the teams that a lot of people expected to make some noise very early on in the season, but that was not the case. LA has had early obstacles with finding out their identity, but in the last few games Paul George is starting to look like that bad man PG 13 when he was with the Pacers. George is putting the team on his back with John Wall being his Robin.

George is averaging around 24 a game, while Wall is bringing in 19 points per game. Both of these players have sparked an urgency and a passion that has trickled down to the younger players. The Clippers bench are starting to produce, which is a good sign, because at times they looked like a deer in headlights, trying to force the issue. Reggie Jackson is starting to look like that All-Star that we know him to be. Jackson has improved his three-point percentage, as well as his patience. Instead of rushing or jacking up shots, he has become more adaptive with seeing with the defense is giving him and will decide to put his team in a better position to get a field goal.

The Clippers are 5-4 and have been without their terminator in Kawhi. Kawhi has been making sure that he is 100% before he plays. So, Coach Lou has been limiting his playing time or he is out on load management. Despite the slow start, the Clippers are above .500 and continue to improve day in and day out. Maybe this is their year to finally put a banner in a city where they are the stepchild in. Only time will tell.

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