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Six Olympic torch staffers tested positive for COVID-19

Tokyo- The panic level of having the Olympics during the global pandemic has reached a level 8, as six staffers tested positive last week for the virus.

During the torch relay event, six people contracted the virus and was wondering how. All of them was wearing face coverings and abiding by the safety measures that were put in place. As of right now, that marks eight people who tested positive for the virus in the last two weeks that were involved in the Olympic torch relay.

Last week, Tokyo and other cities in Japan were put on State of Emergency because cases were increasing and the government wanted to see if they could control the spread. With the Olympics approaching fast, the OIC is doing everything they possibly can to ensure that all of the athletes are safe and are comfortable. Different countries are getting their athletes vaccinated quickly to ensure that they are safe.

Despite the increased cases, the IOC are not taking their foot off with postponing the games and have stated if push come to show, they have other decisions they would have to make.

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