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San Francisco loses a crucial game against the Bills 34-24

San Francisco- The 49ers shot themselves in the foot in a loss to Buffalo.

Late in the first quarter, the 49ers had an opportunity to punch the ball in the endzone on a fourth and goal, but the Buffalo Bills stopped them. After the fourth down stop, Buffalo fumbled the ball at the three-yard line and the 49ers recovered the ball. Two plays later, Nick Mullens threw a touchdown pass to to Brandon Aiyuk for the first score of the night, 7-0.

The 49ers' secondary allowed Buffalo to march down the field and answer right back with Josh Allen hitting Cole Beasley for the five-yard touchdown at the start of the of the second quarter to tie up the game, 7-7. Late into the quarter, Buffalo took the lead with Allen hitting Dawson Knox in stride for the four-yard airborne touchdown, 14-7. The Bills tacked on a field goal to extend their lead at the half, 17-7.

The 49ers came out at the start of the third quarter and had a productive drive going. After failing to convert on a third and short, San Francisco had to settle for a field goal, which cut the Bills' lead to a one possession game, 17-10. Midway into the quarter, the Bills scored another touchdown after a break down in coverage with the 49ers and build up a comfortable lead 24-10.

The Bills hit cruise control after tacking on a couple of scores in the fourth to walk away with a victory over the 49ers.


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