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Ron Perranoski's legacy will be forever engraved in the Dodgers' organization

Los Angeles- Iconic left fielder Ron Perranoski passed away on Friday, but what he did on and off the field will always be remembered by the Dodgers.

Perranoski played for the Dodgers from 1961-1967, and came back to play for them in 1972. Perranoski started to get recognize in 1963 when he led the Dodgers to a championship after he had 16 out of 19 relief decisions, as well as had an amazing season that year. Perranoski led the league in appearances with 69, had 21 saves with a 1.67 ERA , and had 16-3 record. He eclipsed league appearances three times in his career. After he hung up his cleats, Perranoski had a career with being a minor league pitching coordinator and moved up to being the Dodgers pitching coach from 1981-1994.

Perranoski played much of an important figure in players lives, as he not only coached them, but became a father figure for them. “Ron Perranoski played a major role in the success of the Dodgers as a great reliever and a mentor to many great young pitchers over his 30-year career in the organization,” said Dodgers President & CEO Stan Kaste.

Even though Perranoski's flesh has passed away,his spirit will always live and breath Los Angeles.

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