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Roman Coppola will share his thought about the expansion of American Zoetrope at Canes Festival

New York- American Zoetrope has found a way to help others with their new expansion of their non-profit.

On Friday, it was announced that the production company American Zoetrope was expanding their foundation Decentralized Pictures to help other individuals in film discover their talent and find creative ways to do it. Outside of the foundation, the company was going to launch a financing app, which would give community members a voice to help filmmakers and advance the funding process.

“Since my father first founded American Zoetrope in 1969, it has built its legacy on finding new and innovative ways to support independent filmmaking, and the launch of DCP takes this vision beyond Hollywood to empower creators all over the world,” said Coppola. “Opening doors and helping navigate the hurdles of the industry will aid new talent and bring fresh perspectives to lovers of film, television and all forms of storytelling media. Since 2018 we’ve been building DCP and its one-of-a-kind blockchain technology to deliver a robust platform that provides filmmakers with the resources and guidance they need to realize their artistic visions.”

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