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Filming Italy Los Angeles Festival opening night recap

In a time where laughs, peace, hugs, and encouraging words of substance were needed, opening night for the Filming Los Angeles Festival delivered. Opening their hearts and doors, the festival provided some insights to a new television show called "There Is No Place Like Home", which was directed by Gabriele Muccino" Much like the title, the characters in the film give an amazing storyline on why they felt like home is where the heart is at.

Outside of the premiere, the opening of the ceremony was where celebrities, guests, and members of the media shared unique stories, jokes, or just wanted to say a few prayers for the citizens out in Ukraine. Rosario Dawnson,, Joe Manganiello, Joe Cortese, and Nick Vallelong graced the red carpet.

Before the night ended, there was a ceremony award, as well as the debut of Django Django.

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