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  • Cade Morehouse

Raiders are still in the race for the playoffs, but they need a miracle to get in

The Las Vegas Raiders have had a roller coaster of a season, to say the least with head coach Josh McDaniels' first year with the organization. The Raiders brought in a new regime with new coaches and a new front office and went to work in the off-season, bringing in some good talent to try and turn this franchise around, including one of the league's best wide receivers, Davante Adams. The Raiders are surprisingly not out of the playoff race just yet, but it’s not looking likely, and this spot looks a little bit like last year, when they found a way. Here are the six things the Raiders need to happen to sneak into the playoffs:

The first thing is that the Chargers must lose two of their final three games, with Indianapolis, the Los Angeles Rams, and Denver all remaining on their schedule. The Chargers' remaining opponents are combined for 12-29-1. The second thing that needs to happen is the Dolphins must also lose two out of their final three games, and they have the Packers, Patriots, and Jets remaining. The combined record for the Fins remaining schedule is 20-22, but two of the games are divisional games in a crucial time that never come east. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth thing that need to happen is the Patriots, Jets, and Jaguars need to lose one of their final three games, and the Raiders have to win out.

The Raiders are given a two percent chance to make the playoffs, and like I stated before, it just doesn’t seem likely but not impossible. The Raiders have a tough schedule ahead as they have the Steelers, 49ers, and Chiefs remaining.

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