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President Biden has a solution for the increased gas prices that America is facing

With America trying to crawl its way out of a mini recession, because of the pandemic,there have been other obstacles from getting back to a quick recovery. Since President Putin declared war in Ukraine, gas prices have sky rocketed. In certain states, the amount of unleaded gas have increased to six dollars. I, know, outrageous right.

As of Thursday, President Biden has a solution that could put a smile on Americans, who face the tasks of making "life decisions' at the pump. The president has a two-part plan, which includes increasing supplies and domestic production. What does that mean for families around the globe?

The president wants to effectively increase supplies by doing everything they can to encourage domestic production. The next step with the plan is to pressure Congress with making companies pay fees on wells from previously leases that they had not used in years. President Biden will also keep pushing energy efficiency, which will make the world safer for one and secondly lower costs for the American people. It may sound like a lot, but help is on the way.

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