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Patrick Mahomes gets the 26-17 win over the Bills and breaks history as well

Kansas City- Patrick Mahomes breaks history with being the fastest quarterback to reach 90 touchdowns, breaking Dan Marino's record.

The Chiefs had a decent first half with Patrick Mahomes throwing two touchdowns and breaking Dan Marino's record with fastest quarterback to reach 90 touchdowns. Chiefs' running back Clyde Edwards Helaire was averaging close to six-yards per carry and had almost 100 yards in the half. Despite scoring 13 points in the half, the Chiefs had a couple mistakes that almost hurt them. The Chiefs had a missed extra point, Travis Kelce fumbled the ball before the half, and too many penalties that killed a potential score.Kansas City was lucky to be up three at the end of the break, 13-10 against the Buffalo Bills.

On a risky fourth and inches late in the third quarter, the Chiefs went for it. Darrel Williams not only converted the down, but ran for a 13-yard score to put the Chiefs up, 20-10. The fourth quarter started out with the Chiefs up two possessions, but the Bills continue to fight back. Buffalo scored a touchdown midway in the fourth to cut the Chiefs' lead to six, 23-17. The Chiefs went down the field and converted on third downs to put the game to rest and walk away with a 26-17 victory.


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