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Packers came close with pulling another upset

With a chance for a slot to play in the NFC Championship, all the Packers needed to do was upset another team, in the 49ers. With a dosage of rain pouring down, Green Bay wanted to establish that they could run the ball down the throat of San Fran. Aaron Jones got the wheels going as he made a statement during the Packers opening drive. He went up the middle of the field and ran over anyone that attempted to tackle him. Green Bay finished the drive with a field goal.

The factor that shocked a lot of people was the poise that Jordon Love had the entire game. It seemed like he embodied the Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers gun slinger mentality and slung the ball down the field to his receivers. Each time the Packers needed a score, Love brought all of the warmth and excitement to put his team in position to score. With a few minutes left in regulation, Love threw a crucial pick in which helped the 49ers seal the deal and escape in a 24-24-21 victory. Love finished 21 out 0f 34 for 194 yards and 2 td's; Jones finished with 18 carries for 108 yards.


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