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Oprah will be narrating an upcoming film campaign for Broadway shows

New York- Oprah and other celebrities will be joining an upcoming short Broadway campaign that will give an overview of what unity looks like after the shutdown of Broadway shows.

In the next couple of weeks, many Broadway shows will reopen for the first time since the global pandemic and a lot of actors, directors, and many others are excited to get back to work. Since the global pandemic, many actors and actress lost their jobs, because shows were shut down.

In a short film narrated by Oprah, the film This is Broadway will give audience a taste of what everyone around the globe had to go through and how together we can unify and enjoy the arts of music and entertainment.

“This is Broadway brings together the joy and excitement we all feel for this art form and the rebound of New York City. Broadway reopening means 97,000 workers returning to their jobs and the insatiable desire for live performance back on stage,” says Charlotte St. Martin, President, Broadway League. “I am so thankful for all the work that went into creating this moment of unity and I look forward to all theater fans seeing a show this fall!”


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