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Olympics could be postponed due to rise in COVID-19 cases

Tokyo- With COVID-19 cases increasing around Tokyo, the Olympic committee may have to postpone the Olympic games to keep their community safe.

There have been millions of people around the globe who have been vaccinated, but even with the vaccine, COVID cases has risen. The Olympic committee has seen cases around their community increase and now there is a huge concern to let the games go on.

“We must reconsider this summer’s Games and instead collaborate internationally to agree a set of global and domestic conditions under which international multi-sport events can be held in the years ahead.These conditions must embody both Olympic and Paralympic values and adhere to international principles of public health," said Medical experts.

The Olympic committee has stated repeatedly that they felt like they could keep the games moving forward and athletes, as well as close personnel will feel secure and safe. However, the Olympic committee is keeping a close eye on the amount of COVID Cases and will potentially make a decision if cases continue to rise.

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