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Olympic Athletes are required to sign a waiver about COVID-19 risks

Tokyo- With the Tokyo Olympics only two months away and many concerns surrounding the games, the IOC have sent out a memo that stats that athletes who are competing will have to sign a waiver about the COVID-19 risks.

Despite many boisterous petitions calling to cancel the Olympics because nine cities in Japan are on State of Emergency and COVID-19 cases are increasing, the IOC is still moving forward. Last week,the IOC told members of the media that any athlete competing in the games will have to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks of how severe the virus is and what will happen if they test positive for it.

This is really to provide transparency and ensure the informed consent from the games participants," said an IOC representative. "The entry forms are consistent with the standard practice of all other big event organizers. And the forms are within the framework of the law, if I may add."

With the games being only a couple months from now, there is a sense of panic on one side of the spectrum, while the other side feels a sense of urgency.

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