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Olympic athlete Sakura Kokumai targeted in racist rant

Los Angeles- Sakura Kokuma, who is an Olympic prospect was targeted in an anti-Asian rant on Friday.

Kokumai was minding her own business, relaxing at a park in Orange County when a random man started spewing hateful words at her. The man, who has not be identified told Kokumai to go back home and threaten her. The unidentified man started saying racist things, as he eventually left. Kokumai shared some of the footage on social media.

“I was aware about the anti-Asian hate that was going on. You see it almost every day on the news,” she told the outlet. “But I didn’t think it would happen to me at a park I usually go to to train. “

"Yes what happened was horrible, but I don’t know which was worse, a stranger yelling and threatening to hurt me for no reason or people around me who witnessed everything and not doing a thing," Kokumai shared on her Instagram post.

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