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NJCAA, NFL and Reigning Champs Experience will help push women's flag football

New York- The NJCAA, NFL, and Reigning Champs Experience will aggressively push the women's flag football brand.

On Thursday, it was announced that women's flag football is now an emerging sport with NJCAA. In an effort with diversifying football, the NJCAA, NFL, and Reigning Champs Experience is excited for women who love the sport of football and how they can push the women's flag football brand.

"This is an exciting time for the NJCAA and particularly the advancement of female opportunities in our association," stated Dr. Christopher Parker, NJCAA President & CEO. "As the first national collegiate athletic association in the United States to integrate women's athletics, this is another major milestone in the association's history."

"The expansion of women's flag football as a varsity sport at the two-year college level is yet another historic achievement for women's collegiate sports," said Troy Vincent, Sr., NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations. "We are excited to partner with the NJCAA in providing the opportunity for female student athletes to experience the tremendous values, life benefits, and competition that comes with playing football."

With the partnership, the NFL will provide a $150,000 grant to the NJCAA Foundation for distribution to NJCAA member colleges that declare their intent to participate in Women's Flag Football for the next two years. The NJCAA Foundation, along with the NFL and RCX, will award $10,000 grants to 15 member colleges to move the initiative a step closer towards becoming a full championship sport over the next few years.

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