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New England is the team to beat in the AFC

New England- The Pats defeated the Bills 14-10.

After a bumpy start to this week's anticipated divisional match-up with the Buffalo Bills, New England got on the scoreboard with a 64-yard rumble by Damien Harris After the touchdown, the Pats decided to roll the dice and go for two. They converted the conversion and went up 8-0 over the Bills. It seemed like the Pats had everything going for them after the touchdown, however they muffed a punt return. The Bills recovered the ball and a play later scored a touchdown to make it a 8-7 game. On the Pats' ensuing drive, they capped off their drive with a field goal, 11-7.

As expected, the first half from both teams was more of a ground and pound game. New England finished the half with 12 passing yards and 149 yards on the ground.

The Pats' defense stopped any productive drives in the third quarter, until a crucial hit on Josh Allen out of bounds helped the Bills get into field goal position. The Bills tacked on a field goal to inch closer to spoiling the Pats' winning streak. New England answered the Bill's call with another field goal to extend their lead 14-10. Things got a bit interesting late in the fourth. With under four minutes left in the game and the Pat's defense on their heels, they did just enough to make Allen's life hell. On a fourth and long, the defense stopped the Bills and sent them packing with a loss.

Jones finished 2 out of 3 for 19 yards.

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