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Nets making a big splash in the NBA

The Brooklyn Nets have been one of the hottest topics of conversation in the NBA this season. Starting with Kevin Durant making a comeback to play in a Brooklyn Nets uniform for the first time since rupturing his Achilles in 2019, Kyrie Irving’s extended absence from the team earlier this season, and James Harden’s monumental move to Brooklyn from Houston has sparked conversation of a finals run and put the league on notice.

The Nets have been extremely dominant with the acquisition of James Harden, as he continues to evolve his game even further. Since being in Brooklyn, James has surprised many NBA fans with his skillful play, his quick adaptability with the Nets rotation, and his ability to compete at an MVP level.

Being among one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, it is not far-fetched to say that Harden could potentially walk away at the end of the NBA season with his second league MVP. The elements that James is bringing to the Nets are something we have yet to see. This is primarily due to him having to alter his style of play in a way that differs from how he played in Houston.

Harden seems to be on cruise control out on the court as he gets more comfortable playing with the starters. The Nets will only improve as they build team chemistry and become healthy. However, there are still many unknowns to uncover for The Brooklyn Nets as the NBA season moves forward.

Kevin Durant’s health is still in question and Irving’s unpredictable behavior is still a major concern, but if there was ever a luxury to have in the NBA, the Nets have it for sure. They are the only team in the NBA currently to wield the kind of firepower that can rival even the best teams in league history. So with that in mind, the Nets are the favorite to make a deep playoff push.

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