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MLB is right around the corner and it may be just a little weird for everyone

New York- Opening day for Major League Baseball is July 23 and it will be played in a unique fashion. The season has been shortened to 60 games and teams will play 40 games within their division and 20 interleague games. Fans are prohibited to attend games, so it will be weird for analysts to call games without hearing crowd noise.

On Thursday, on a conference call with members of media, Alex Rodriquez explained that this was something he, as well as his co-workers are trying to adjust to. However, A-Rod did mention, without the crowd noise you could hear what some of the players are saying and it will show the fans a little more about the personality of players. With safety protocol, a lot of the broadcasters will be calling games from home or either in Connecticut. "This is a weird time or everyone, but we just have to adjust. I will miss talking with some of the players of the record and seeing how they are doing, but I completely understand what is going around the world. We are all in the same boat and we just have to get through it." said Rodriquez.

MLB, WNBA, NBA, and other sports are restarting, but have different restrictions on what players can and can not do. Even though it is a weird time for everyone, a lot of people feel like sports will unify America in general and give a lot of people something to take their minds off the pandemic that we are going through.

Here is an audio clip of A-Rod talking about what he will miss this season, due to the restricted access to players.

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