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  • Tiffany Rigby

Miami Heat superstar is building his own brand, outside of basketball

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler isn't playing around when it comes to his coffee as he expands his business from what it once was.

After selling cups of coffee as a joke during the NBA Bubble in Orlando in 2020, he officially launched his brand. According to CNBC's Jabari Young, Butler joined Shopify's creator program to boost his Bigface coffee brand.In the agreement, Butler will not have to split the revenue with Shopify. Instead, Butler will leverage his intellectual property.

“I wake up in the morning excited to train and go work out,” Butler told CNBC. “Then I want to hurry up and get home so I can practice my bartending."

It seems coffee has become Butler's second favorite passion behind basketball. He is just as excited about coffee beans as he is shooting jumpers.Butler, who has made more than $144 million in his NBA career, said his latest project is more than just about money. He truly enjoys his new challenge.“It’s not about that for me," Butler said. "I think basketball has been a great source of income for me and my family."

Butler has made it clear that he will be selling coffee his full-time career after his playing days are over. The experience has been that enjoyable for him because of the challenge. “After my basketball career, and people are like ‘Man, what is Jimmy doing nowadays,’ you know where to find me,” Butler said. “I will be in my cafe behind the bar making coffee.”

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