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Lakers blew a 26 point lead against OKC

Los Angeles- The Lakers suffered a second half meltdown in a loss to OKC 123-115.

After coming off their OT win against the Spurs, the Lakers took that confidence into Oklahoma ad lit up the scoreboard early on. Anthony Davis called his number and was very aggressive with attacking his opponent in the post. Davis's energy and effort gave life into the Lakers, which helped them build up a double digit lead against OKC. For the most part, it looked like the Lake show was going to run away with their third consecutive win, but things went south late into the third quarter.

Shots were not falling and a once a 26-point lead was chipped down to single digits early in the fourth. LA had no answer with stopping Shai Gilgeous Alexander and the young OKC team in the open court. It was like looking at a younger team beat up on an older team. LA came out flat and once again their age was on display. OKC was the aggressor with bullying the older and gased Lakers. With only a handful of seconds left in the game, you could see the Lakers trying to figure out what happened after blowing a 26 point lead. OKC went on to shock LA 123-115.

Davis and Westbrook combined for 50 points.


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