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Kings gives the Warriors a taste of their own medicine and go up 2-0 in the series

After beating the Warriors in Game 1and finally lighting the beam after a playoff drought of 16-years, the Kings wanted to make sure that they continue their quest of another victory. Like the first game, the Kings wanted to match the Warriors' energy by being aggressive and getting easy baskets in transition. They did just that early on. Sacramento was stealing the Warriors' cookies and dunking them into some milk. The Kings forced five turnovers in the first five minutes of the game and put some fear in Golden State's eyes.

Things took a wild swing for the Kings, maybe it was the nerves, but the Kings looked shell-shocked. They had nine turnovers in the first quarter. Whatever Mike Brown told his team after a damaging and depressing quarter, Sac-town came out firing on all cylinders from behind the arc. Malik Monk went 3 out of 3 from behind rainbow land, which gave the Kings a much need confidence boost. The boost helped the Kings go on a 16-4 sonic speed burst to go up five. Sacramento hung onto a 58-52 lead heading into the half.

Mike Brown's message for his team was attack, attack, and attack. The Kings listened to their coach and in the first two minutes of the third, Sacramento forced the Warriors to foul and got themselves in the bonus to shoot free throws the rest of the quarter, because Golden State was in the penalty. Monk and crew was stabbing the Warriors with everything they had. They went up 15, but Golden State kept fighting, cutting their lead to single digits at times. Despite leading majority of the game, the Kings was in a dogfight with Golden State with five minutes left in regulation.

De'Aaron Fox and Domatntas Sabonis kept their team afloat, trading baskets with GSW and making key passes to the open guy. Sacramento went on to win 114-106

Fox finished with 24, as well as Sabonis.

Curry finished with 28 and Wiggins had 22

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