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Kevin Durant saves the day for Team USA as they advanced to the Finals

Tokyo- Kevin Durant sparked a second half comeback defeating Australia, 97-78.

With a shot to get to get to the Gold or Silver round in the Olympic tournament, Team USA had to somehow get passed Australia. The game started out very slow with Team USA struggling to get anything offensively going. For a five minute period, Team USA could not find the bottom of the net until late in the quarter. Kevin Durant and crew went on a 12-6 run to cut Australia's lead to six at the end of the first.

Team USA's troubles continued in the second. Khris Middleton and Devin Booker had a couple of missed lay-ups and dunks, which lead to fastbreak points for Australia. Team USA on the defensive end was very lackadaisical with forcing the ball out of Patty Mills hands and Mills was making Team USA pay. Mills was getting into Team USA's zone and kicking it out to his shooters , which was knocking down wide open shots. After being down 13, Team USA went on a 14-4 run to cut Australia's lead to three at the end of the half, 45-42.

Team USA came out in the second half very aggressive. Durant was telling players to get out his way, as he took control early on in the third.Team USA regained the lead at the eight minute mark of the quarter. Durant, Booker, and Jrue Holiday finally ended the three point drought and just like that, Team USA went on a 32-14 run to end the quarter.

Team USA picked up the pace of the game in the fourth and just blew Australia out of the water. After it was all said and done, Team USA silenced their critics with a victory and will play for a Gold medal.

Durant finished with 23 points.


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