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Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack could be a tag team nightmare in the regular season

After Khalil Mack was traded to the Chicago Bears in 2018 by the Raiders, his production with getting to the quarterback has decreased. He has not had a dominate performance in some time and injuries has plagued him on the field. Now, with a new team in the Chargers, he could be a threat to opponents, if he can stay healthy. When Mack is 100%, he can disrupt an offensive game plan and be a key factor with getting his team off the field. Last season in seven games played, Mack had a total of 19 tackles, which means he can still be a factor in a first unit.

The Chargers already have a pitbull in a jersey by the name of Joey Bosa. Bosa has been very consistent, has great leadership qualities, and understands his assignments. The defense may be fairly young. Bosa has them playing at a level, where he knows that they can improve. Last season the Chargers were getting ran through defensively and was ranked 27th in the defense department, but this year things may change with the two.

Bosa and Mack have been kicking butt in camp and this is what Chargers' HC Brandon Staley had to say about the two. “Those guys are playing well together. That’s what we were looking for, is to really find that style that these guys can really commit to together and find that rhythm for both of them. Every time you see them out there, you see two difference makers. I thought you saw a bunch of plays. Joey kind of had this blister on his foot that was nagging him. Khalil made a bunch of plays tonight. If you were to have a game tape of this, there are a lot of close-call sacks and rushes that aren’t whistled. Those guys are really playing the way we want them to play. I think you just know that, with both guys, that you’re trying to build for a long season. Where they’re at now is nowhere near where they’re going to be. We’re really trying to be purposeful in how we build both of those guys up this training camp.”

Both of these players are relentless on the field and it is very hard for anyone to stop them once their engine starts up. With the regular season only a couple weeks and both players looking unstoppable, it will be very interesting to see how the Chargers; season will look, if both players are healthy.

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