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Jags' DE Josh Allen feels like they can pull off the upset against the Steelers

Jacksonville, FL- The Jaguars have a huge challenge with stopping the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday, but their defense feels confident that they pull out the upset.

Since coming off of their bye two weeks ago, the Jaguars' defense have been competing and putting their team in the position to win games. However, there is not much time on the clock and the Jaguars' offensive has to pull together a miracle drive in order to pull out the victory.

This year has been tough for the Jaguars, winning only one game this season. Their confidence in their team has not wavered. This week they will be playing the Steerlers and Jacksonville feels pretty good that their defense can hold the Steelers.

Defensive End Josh Allen likes the fact the Jagaurs can shake some things up against Pittsburgh."I just know our defense, we’re going to have to match their intensity or they’re going to have to match us because we’re going to be flying around to this ball and we’re going to be hungry for a win. I know what we’re going to bring. I don’t know what they’re really doing over there or how they come to play but I know our team, we’re going to be ready to play, ready to get this win," said Allen.

In order for the Jaguars to get the victory over the Steelers, they need to pressure Ben Roethlisberger and make him stay in the pocket. "Big Ben" is dangerous when he rolls out to his right. The Jags need to contain the speedy wide receivers of the Steelers and be physical. If they can do that, than it will be a ball game that the Jags could potentially win.


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