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Issa Rae audio company inks deal with ViacomCBS

New York- Talented producer, director, and actress Issa Rae and her audio company Raedio have signed a deal with ViacomCBS.

Music has always been apart of Issa's life since she was young. In 2019, Issa decided that she was going to expand her brand outside of directing and start Raedio, which gives up and coming music artist, another way to be exposed and heard.

On Monday, in a press release, it was announced that Raedio had signed a major deal with VIAcomCBS. ViacomCBS President of Music, Music Talent, Programming & Events, Bruce Gillmer had this to say about the deal. “We are thrilled about this unique collaboration with Raedio that not only will connect our audiences to fresh new music and voices but also create opportunities for up and coming artists.”

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