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IOC have another obstacle they face within the upcoming weeks of the 2021 Olympics

Tokyo- The International Olympic Committee may face upcoming rise in the temperature, as the Olympics draws near.

With many citizens around the globe protesting and writing up petitions to cancel the Olympics this year due to the global pandemic, the IOC may have another issue that they will have to adapt to.

The climate change in Japan has been a little off and they are experiencing higher than normal temperatures. This heat wave could impact some of the games in July and the IOC have moved some of the events further than Tokyo.

"Olympic organizers must take the warnings in this report seriously or face a real risk of competitors collapsing through heat exhaustion," said Mike Tipton, professor of human and applied physiology at the Extreme Environments Laboratory, School of Sport, Health & Exercise Science at the UK's University of Portsmouth.

"In a sporting context, a hot and/or humid environment can represent a risk to the performance and health of spectators, officials and athletes. From sunburn, through cognitive impairment, to heat exhaustion or collapse from heat stroke, all facets of a sporting event and all those involved can be adversely affected."

With COVID cases increasing and now a potential heat wave, it looks like the IOC has their hands full, as the Olympics are only weeks away.

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