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Grammy Museum career day event will be virtual and will start April 7

Los Angeles- The Grammy Museum will have virtual career day for middle and high school students that want to be involved in music on April 7.

Starting April 7 middle and high school students can attend a virtual career day in which students will have the opportunity to talk with different artists about getting their foot in the industry.

Here are the dates for the virtual career day.

Full Schedule

  • April 7: Title 9 Founder and CEO Carmen Murray, and Title 9 Co-CEO Michael Michel

  • April 14: GRAMMY Award-winning singer/songwriter/producer and Co-Founder James Fauntleroy, GRAMMY Award-winning producer/instrumentalist and Co-Founder Larrance Dopson and Co-Founder/CEO of True Family Enterprises Twila True

  • April 21: GRAMMY Award-nominated artist Jazzmeia Horn and multi-GRAMMY Award-nominated singer, songwriter and producer Taylor Hanson

  • April 28: GRAMMY-winning songwriter and producer Nasri Atweh and multi-instrumentalist, composer, engineer and music producer Jordan Hamlin

  • May 5: Co-Founders of Philadelphia International Records and GRAMMY-winning songwriting and production team Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff

  • May 12: Founder and CEO of Briclyn Entertainment Group and music booking agent Anshia Crooms, Attorney and Co-CEO at Artists & Brands, LLC Daryl Jones and Co-Managing Director of the Ovation Agency Thornell Jones, Jr.

  • May 19: Producer, songwriter, vocalist, and music director Larry Batiste and Senior Director for Songfinder Melissa Love

  • May 26: Co-Founder and CEO of Guitars Over Guns Chad Bernstein and Sr. Voice Creative Program Manager for Amazon Music Frankie Yaptinchay

Schools that wish to participate can register at the link below:

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