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Gardner Minshew may be on the hot seat, as the Lions roar with a 34-16 victory

Jacksonville- Jacksonville' defense could not stop the Lions on third down conversions, as the Jags suffer another loss.

The Jaguars high power offense struggled to put up points until late into the second half. Gardner Minshew. Minshew struggled to get any positive yards down the field and was consistency hurried or pushed to the ground. The offensive line had trouble stopping the pass rushers of the Lions and Minshew had no time to go through his progression. Since the Jagaurs was down the entire game, they forgot about the running game and went through the air. Minshew threw the ball 44 times and put up a couple of points before time expired in regulation.

With another loss and the Jags looking for some type of positive victory within the next few weeks. It looks like Minshew may be on the hot seat. Minshew has shown that he can throw the ball down the field, but at times he forces the issue into double coverage. It will be interesting to see if the Jags will bench Minshew or keep him in the game with him being their starter. The Jags have not won a game since their opener and their season looks like it could be over.


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